AbrezzA Bracelets

AbrezzA Bracelets

New in our collection are the stylish AbrezzA Bracelets leather bracelets with beautiful Swarovski Crystal stones finished with sterling silver, gold vermeil and rosé vermeil.
The first collection consists of six colors of leather, each with a special point-cut Swarovski stone.


About the AbrezzA bracelets.

The bracelets are handmade from high-quality leather that is colored with harmless ecological dyes, without illegal chemicals according to the European rules for environment and health. The leather is not oiled and has a special coating that protects the leather.

The original Swarovski stones are made of excellent point-cut crystal glass and they have a beautiful shine and luxurious look. There are also AB gloss stones. The term AB stands for Aurora Borealis, or the incredibly beautiful Northern Lights with its beautiful colors. Stones with an AB shine have a coating that gives the bead a beautiful shine with many colors.

All silver jewelry parts are (99.9% pure) in most cases far too soft to make pieces of jewelry. Therefore, pure silver is mixed with small quantities of other metals into an alloy, 925 sterling silver is the most famous alloy of silver. It consists of at least 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Together they are much stronger and less flexible and therefore ideal for jewelery components.

The vermeil jewelry and parts are treated with multiple layers of at least 14 carat gold. This gives the jewelery the same luxurious appearance as solid gold, a jewel may only be called vermeille if the base consists of sterling silver (.925). No other metal may be used and the gold layer must have a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns. Like gold jewelry, vermeil jewelry is also available in yellow gold and rose gold. Moreover, thanks to the gold top layer, they are also suitable for people with a metal allergy.


To keep your AbrezzA bracelet nice, we give you some tips. Like most jewelry, the bracelets are more beautiful if they are not worn when you go swimming or showering. If you have a combined bracelet, it may be that a reaction takes place between the different materials when they come into contact with cleaning agents. Discoloration can then be a consequence. Do not put jewelry on immediately after using perfume or other creams and make up. It is better to wait half an hour to prevent the substances from discoloring or drying out your beautiful bracelet.

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