About Us

``There is a woman behind all great things...``

Designer Tanja Abresch had the dream to design a bag that combines luxurious italian leather with the comfort in daily use every busy woman needs. Tanja: “Us women allways carry lots of daily essentials with us that allways get lost in our different bags and pockets, the Putch is designed to solve that problem. It fits all essentials in an organized and small but ever so stylish bag!”

``There is a woman behind all great things...``

When a friend that owns a succesfull company suggested to collaberate she took her chance and said ‘yes’ immediately! And after months of designing, researching and sampling the company AbrezzA bv was a fact in October 2017. De knowledge and experience of this succesfull entrepeneur and her creativity and belief in the products will make AbrezzA a big succes.

``There is a woman behind all great things...``

The Putch…a unique handmade bag that is a combination of a purse and a clutch. Made from the best leather and beautiful metal haberdashery in stylish designs they are a musthave for every woman that likes to have her hands free while carrying all her essentials with her.

Even miracles take a little time
- The fairy Godmother
About us

There is a woman at the beginning of all great things

-Alphonse De Lamartine (Famous French Poet)